UTEZNVANZ turns 2!

Lynelle Wenham

October saw the end of our second year as a club and what a year we have to reflect on! We just seem to be growing to bigger and better things all the time.

A year ago we reflected on the club’s desire to grow the van side of things in the coming year and we have sure achieved that in spades!

Earlier this year we successfully tendered to host the 39th Australian Van Nationals (see other info in mag for details). It has certainly helped us promote our name Australia wide and has already seen memberships from out of the area come in which is fantastic and we welcome each and every one of you.

It is with great excitement we bring this event back to the area it started in 39 years ago with the first 4 events being held here. Coming back to its home base after 35 years has generated interest Australia wide.

Following our Christmas party last December things were pretty quiet until we went to Adelaide for the Australia Day Ute competition at Glenelg and had an awesome time. From there things have not slowed down at all. Always been something happening!

February and March saw the details of our van nationals next year come together so we could release a program draft at Caboolture Queensland Van nationals this year. Some of our club members attended and all we can say is… Mildura is in for a treat next Easter so mark the Saturday on your calendar and don’t miss out!

While this was happening we had our usual club BBQ’s, cruises and outings which included a meet and greet for some of the Melbourne members who came to inspect our venue. Another of these was held in April.

Otherwise our agenda this year has been filled with

The year also saw us proudly select Chances for Children as the charity the club would like to support where possible. They do a great job for our local youth but receive little assistance and recognition. Our October competition and the Van national one next year have already been dedicated to them. Please keep them in mind if you are looking for someone to support.

Being able to offer Club registration and seeing the first vehicles come on board has been another exciting part of this year and we hope the coming year will see that expanded too.

October saw us hold our own regular event (see other info in mag) and once again break our previous attendance record. We hope next year will see us make this event even bigger and better again. Watch our mags for details!

With our club members ranging from Teenagers to retirees, singles to families we try to make our events appeal to all. If you would like to join in our fun please give us a call. We are welcoming new members all the time and it is great to see you all coming on board.

The future is looking good and one of our dreams for this year is to see the club find a suitable place to call home and really establish ourselves. If anyone knows of somewhere that may suit us we would really appreciate hearing from you.

We hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas with a safe and happy holiday season and look forward to what our third year as a club is going to bring…